What Others Say

The workshop was a lot of fun and very informative too! So pleased to hear that improved gut health can help with eczema as this will really help my partner who really struggles with eczema at times. And also the seratonin boost was news to me as this could be good for my eldest daughter too! And of of course all of us!
I found the pace of the workshop really good and allowed me to listen, absorb the info and also make the Sauerkraut and pickles at the same time. I cannot wait to taste the results!!
Yes I would definitely book another workshop, so good. Warm and friendly atmosphere and clear instructions and opportunities to ask questions means that this workshop is perfect for absolute beginners like me. I tried making sauerkraut about 15 years ago from a book and they didn’t emphasise the technique the way Olivia does and so it didn’t work so I gave up for all those years but now I’m back and feel confident to try again with Olivia’s trusty help. Thanks so much!

“I attended one of Olivia’s Fermenting workshops on Saturday. I can highly recommend it. So much interesting information was shared by her in a very inspirational way. We made Sauerkraut, tasted so many different ferments (all delicious) and came away with goodies like water kefir grains and a yoghurt culture. With an opportunity to purchase milk kefir grains and scoobies. I have been so busy since looking after my babies!”


“Thanks for today. I love the way you model the idea that everything is trial and experimentation and therefore fun. I definitely want to recreate that probiotics smoothie. Delicious.”


“I went to Olivia’s 2 hour fermentation workshop a couple of weeks ago and learnt to do so much from sauerkraut to kombucha (which tastes amazing!) We came away with various fermented goodies one of which was a yogurt starter which is very simple to make and delicious. Olivia has equipped me with all the tools to turn my kitchen into my very own fermentation workshop! I’ve successfully made kefir, kombucha and yoghurt which my children love! And it’s so good for them! Olivia is very knowledgeable and has been so helpful at answering my questions. Thank you Olivia xx”


“What an amazing work shop. I recommend it to all of you. Olivia is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about fermentation and the health benefits of a happy gut. After a couple of hours, you come out of the workshop with the tools and knowledge to produce your own cultures. Also, Olivia’s enthusiasm is contagious so you take that home with you too. Thanks so much”


“I highly recommend this workshop! I am now making kombucha, yoghurt, milk and water keffir based on what I learned from Olivia Wall. Really enjoying growing my own cultures – it feels creative and fun (and is good for you!) Thanks!”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop in March with Olivia at The Hive in Hove and it has given me more confidence to try out more fermentation. I have been introduced to matsoni yoghurt which I love and is so easy to make. My kitchen is like a lab of culturing now. I am looking forward to getting a ceramic crock to make more sauerkraut – I would never have believed that I would like to eat fermented cabbage – I am a convert!”